The Conversation Wed 08. 31. 2016.

Of Course Hillary Clinton Deleted Those Benghazi Emails On Purpose
Kerry Jackson, Investor’s Business Daily

Why Hillary Clinton’s Team Is Nervous
Kelly Riddell, Washington Times

Europe’s Apple Tax Ambush [Watch]
Wall Street Journal

Venezuelan Regime Kidnaps Liberty Activist Yon Goicoechea, Friedman Prize Winner [Watch]
Ian Vasquez, Cato Institute

I’m A Young Black Man And I Support Donald Trump [Watch]
C.J. Pearson, Time

P. Diddy's Charter School In East Harlem Opens Up, Draws Immediate Flack
Nick Gillespie, Reason

The Alt-Right Isn’t Defending Western Values, They’re Rejecting Them
Casey Given, Rare

The US Top 10% Have 42% Of Wealth, Not 76%
Tim Worstall,

Kaepernick Isn’t The Worst
Ben Shapiro, National Review

Awareness Of Fed Credibility Problems Going Mainstream
Clint Siegner, ValueWalk

How Trigger Warnings Silence Religious Students
Alan Levinovitz, The Atlantic

Every High School Principal Should Say This [Watch]
Prager University

Social Justice Warriors Push Teen To Suicide
Miles Cheong, Heat Street

Ann Coulter Responds To 'Ambush' Comedy Central Roast
Paul Bois, Truth Revolt

Uber And Lyft Move Beyond Beating Big Taxi. They’re Now Revolutionizing Entire Public Transit Systems
Mark J. Perry, American Enterprise Institute

Why Has Japan’s Massacre Of Disabled Gone Unnoticed?
Rachel Adams, Intellectual Takeout

Our Socialist Legal System
Matt Ryan, Foundation for Economic Education

Debunked: Top 5 'Climate Change' Myths [Watch]
Steven Crowder, Louder with Crowder

Postponing The Day Of Reckoning
Dr. Mark Hendrickson, Western Journalism

FMC Barometers

Numbers as of last Friday close.

Why are these numbers important?

Shadow Stats Snapshot

ShadowStats alternate economic indicators are based on the methodology of noted economist John Williams, specialist in government economic reporting.

  • Unemployment:
    BLS: 4.9%
    Shadow Stats: 23.0%
  • Inflation:
    July Year-to-Year: 0.8% (CPI-U*)
    Shadow Stats: 8.5%

*[cpi-u is the Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation rate for all urban consumers]


Free Trade & Mutual Cooperation

Trade is not invasion. It does  not involve aggression on one  side and resistance on the  other, but mutual consent and  gratification. There cannot be  a trade unless the parties to it  agree, any more than there can  be a quarrel unless the parties  to it differ. England, we say,  forced trade with the outside  world upon China, and the  United States upon Japan.  But, in both cases, what was  done was not to force the  people to trade, but to force  their governments to let them.

-- Henry George,

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In Search Of History

The Industrial Revolution: How the West Eclipsed Asia

Like the French Revolution  before it, the British Industrial  Revolution spread across  Europe. But this was a peaceful  conquest. . . The first true  cotton mill, Richard  Arkwright's at Cromford in  Derbyshire, was built in 1771.  Within seven years a copy  appeared in France ... The  Americans, who had the  advantage of being able to  grow their own cotton ... were  a little slower: the first cotton  mill appeared in Bass River,  Massachusetts, in 1788.    ... In 1800 seven out of the  world's ten biggest cities had  still been Asian, and Beijing  had still exceeded London in  size. By 1900, largely as a  result of the Industrial  Revolution, only one of the  biggest was Asian; the rest  were European or American.

-- Niall Ferguson,

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