In a Police State, Be Careful Trying to Sell Souvenirs | The Daily Bell

In a Police State, Be Careful Trying to Sell Souvenirs
By The Daily Bell Staff - April 19, 2017

You know what a good use of law enforcement resources is? Detaining old women for attempting to sell moon rocks and space shuttle pieces.

Of course, NASA is one of the many federal agencies with their own police force. One thing they decided to use this police force for was setting up a sting to catch a woman selling a piece of a space shuttle and moon rock she had received from her deceased husband.

NASA claims ownership over all space shuttle pieces, and therefore assumed the woman was selling stolen federal property. But her husband used to be an engineer for NASA and had received the space souvenirs from his employers.

NASA didn’t have to work hard to catch this 75-year-old widow. She contacted them! But rather than politely inform the woman what she was doing may be illegal, agents set up a sting to meet the woman in a parking lot and exchange the contraband.

Six armed agents detained her for two hours in the busy parking lot, during which time she wet her pants, presumably because she was afraid.

NASA declined to press charges; they are so forgiving. The woman was selling the items in an attempt to raise money for the medical car for her sick son, who has since died.

Her youngest daughter also died, and Joann took responsibility for her grandchildren.

She decided to try to sell the paperweights and contacted auction houses without success. She finally emailed NASA for help in finding a buyer for what she called “rare Apollo 11 space artifacts.” She explained how her late husband had received them.

An appeals court will allow the woman to sue NASA. Because of sovereign immunity, the government can actually decide whether or not to allow people to sue them.

Of course what will likely happen is she will waste money and time in court, and still not get justice for the way she was treated.

This just makes you wonder what is going on in the minds of these government agents. Who was seriously concerned about specs of a space shuttle and moon rock trying to be sold? Who thought it was appropriate to pursue a sting of a woman who contacted them!

This is what happens in bureaucracy. There is no sanity, no thinking feeling human being behind the actions of government. And if they will do something like this automatically, it makes you wonder just what else they will do, how far they will go to do their duty to enforce the laws of the United States government.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    Government above the law? Lemme outta here!!!

  • Loulou

    Have you heard about the 3 months old terrorist, requesting a visa?

  • Alan777

    How about the EPA arresting or fining farmers for making too much dust while they till the fields or do other work. Bureaucrats know best…

  • georgesilver

    As nobody went to the Moon NASA was trying to cover it’s tracks before someone did an analysis on the “Moon” rocks.
    There is a site called The Onion where the ‘insiders’ openly poke fun at us. If you know how to read between the lines they admit space travel is not possible so far.

    • Wade House

      Hi Sir,
      Did you know we flew 7 Manned Missions to the Moon, 7 Missions to Venus and the Russians flew 19 Missions to Venus. Do you really think they were all Fake? Just wondering.

      • georgesilver

        Laughable. So you read this all by yourself? Why on Earth (lol) are you reading the Daily Bell? Doesn’t it upset your certainty?

        “Brought to you by The National Earth Science Teachers Association”
        Serving up state propaganda since who knows when? LOL.

        • Wade House

          So you think the powers that be faked well over 30 Space Missions. I only included the most important missions.

          Really!? I guess that’s the kind of response you get from someone who gets their news from Their Onion. 🙂

          • Captain Turk

            Hi Wade,

            Check out this site which might explain how some of the fakery was achieved.


            And here is my personal favorite NASA photo… the delightful ‘weight-saving’ cardboard and sticky tape ascent module! (Remember this was supposedly sitting there in 120 degree sunshine – that’s well above the boiling point of water.)


            Sadly, there is irrefutable proof that NASA brazenly faked all aspects of the moon landings. (The shuttle program was also fake).

            I do understand your ‘belief’ Wade. I was personally incensed to eventually realize that the exciting “Apollo 13” story was pure fiction. I used to LOVE that book!

            You know Wade, I’m not trying to convince you of anything here, because I know it takes time to come to terms with the sheer brazenness of the deception. It took me AGES to learn about this stuff.

            Unfortunately, many people who ‘know the truth’ actually only know a very small part of the far larger deceptive picture. There are six layers to the deception and people become lost in each layer, thinking they now ‘know the truth’.

            It’s actually nothing to simply know that the moon missions were fake. The far deeper question is WHEN did this global deception start and WHAT IS ITS FUTURE PURPOSE against mankind.

          • Wade House

            A considerate reply deserves the same.

            No one has to convince me that “They” fake things.

            “They” FAKED the: JFK Assassination, the Conn. Schoolhouse Shooting, the Boston Bombing, the Batman Theater Shooting,
            …and yes, some moon landing photo’s were faked. My point is most people think there was only one moon landing. There were several. Even Russia has been there. Total Disaster, so you don’t hear about it.

            They were faked to hide the truth about whats’ up there.

            Its’ not even a Moon, its’ an Artificial Satellite, NASA’s words, a Hollow Ball, 25 mile thick Titanium shell surrounded by dirt and rocks that are 2 billion years older than the Earth. I.E. it didn’t even come from this Star System. They know this because they and other Countries have crashed numerous satellites into it and the sciesmic readings indicate such.

            The exact method they used to prove this Earth is Hollow, except they used atomic bombs. it’s easy to tell if something is hollow or solid when you tap on it…same thing. In fact, according to NASA Evidence, Photographs, all the Planets in this system are Hollow.

            Why lie about the Venus Missions? These things were so secret that neither the Russia’s or Americans are saying what’s they found even to this day. Over 20 Missions to a supposedly dead planet…and they still aren’t talking.

            Thousands of pictures taken over a 10 year period, try finding any online. Russia has posted about 5, the U.S….NONE! Russia says, most of the Lens Caps never opened on all their Missions to Venus, so they only have a couple of photo’s. Ha Ha HA 🙂

            And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what the SOHO Sat’s are seeing at the Sun.

            And BTW, a close relative of mine use to work for NASA at Goddard, I assure you, like she assured me, the Space Vehicles are real…not cardboard.

            I’ve looked at your evidence and its’ very limited. But like I said, I know they fake stuff. And you are right…Why.

            It’s because Truth is Stranger than Fiction.

            Thanks for the considerate reply…

            Wade House

          • dauden

            Wade, can you explain how we can possibly get beyond the Van Allen Radiation Belt?

          • JohnnyZ

            “There are six layers to the deception and people become lost in each layer, thinking they now ‘know the truth'”

            -> You made me curious. Can you elaborate please?

            “The far deeper question is WHEN did this global deception start and WHAT IS ITS FUTURE PURPOSE against mankind.”
            -> And any details on your views regarding these two questions?

      • dauden

        You just don’t get it, Wade. You need to catch up to speed.

        • Wade House

          Never argue with a fool.
          People watching might not be able to tell the difference.
          You win.

    • Wade House

      Hey, Great News Source!
      It explains alot about you! Like…why you are so smart…NOT!

      The only things laughable are you and your News Source.

  • georgesilver

    Just to show how fake NASA is and how the International Space Station is a hoax.
    NASA uses harnesses and a green screen for it’s ISS presentations. LOL

    • Wade House

      Of course they use a harness sometimes…to keep from floating all over the place. NASA admitted that years ago. DUH!

      The flags in the video are still/not moving, during the wipe, and pick up at a higher speed afterward. You can see this if you go to the lowest playback speed.

      Not saying I completely trust NASA, but they aren’t as stupid as some people think. Especially those who get their news from The Onion.

  • Captain Turk

    You don’t sue the ‘legal fiction’ (i.e. Government or corporate entity) – you sue the actual man or woman who held you against your will. Sue them under common law for kidnapping or false arrest. Sue them in their “private capacity” (i.e. as a natural man or woman), not as an ‘officer’ of the corporation. You can do this against anyone who harms you and they have NO protection.

    No-one on God’s green earth can ever pen a ‘law’ that takes away your right to sue another man or woman. (If they DID pen such a law then that law would technically make you a slave — which would violate the Bill of Rights (in USA) and thus the law itself would automatically be deemed illegal. Can’t be done. Your remedy is always available.

    They can run — but they can’t hide!

    • nathenism

      there is such a law…it’s called “qualified immunity”…you think people don’t try to sue these scumbags? of course they do…but they can’t

      • Captain Turk

        Yes, you are right that such a law exists, but its scope fades like the Beatles on ‘Hey Jude’ when that ‘official’ violates your rights.

        (Note: The failure to identify “in which capacity a defendant is being sued” is what leads to failure in the courts).


        “The Eleventh Amendment limits official capacity claims against state officials to prospective injunctive relief, it does not affect claims against those officials in their individual capacity.”

        Also see

        “Individual employees of federal, state and local government may be sued in their individual capacities for damages, declaratory or injunctive relief.”

        “With respect to incorporated substantive due process, the plaintiff may state a claim by proving a violation of one of the Bill of Rights”.

        “Take a sad song… and make it better…”

  • Anyone selling ashtrays, bathing towels and shower caps from the Apollo project 1969/72 is part of the hoax, reason being nobody went to the Moon for a piss! . The space craft didn’t have neither toilet nor shower and smoking was not permitted.

    • georgesilver

      ps georgesilver is your Antibes Facebook buddy.

    • william readling

      They used plastic bags.

  • David S

    As these rocks may hold evidence that we never actually went to the moon, I can certainly see why NASA would be quite concerned about them getting in the public’s hands.

    • dauden

      Precisely my thoughts after reading this piece.

  • Heywood Jablome

    Whether the moon rocks are proof of anything else about which our perfidious government has spun a tale is not my issue, but I wish that people who conduct this kind of senseless exercise, could be lined up for a good attitude adjustment, to try and shake loose the two brain cells they possess.

  • kirk

    one bully agency is just like another. the way they acted in this case reveals what happens when human beings are given power – sense goes out the window and megalomania fills the void. i hope the legal system nails those jerks to the wall.

  • John Howard

    “…if they will do something like this automatically, it makes you wonder just what else they will do, how far they will go to do their duty to enforce the laws…”

    Actually, it makes me wonder how easily will they break the law since sadism of this kind is evidence to me of an evil and wicked spirit.

    Morality begins with: do not harm the harmless. Law is mankind’s way around morality.

  • Seriously.TimeToWakeUPAmerica

    If This Is Freedom and Democracy, What Is Tyranny? (by Paul Craig Roberts)

    Quote from the article, above: “Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is the numbers of people all over the world who have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their government and have gone to war, and [tens, hundreds of] millions have
    been killed because of this obedience…” — Howard Zinn

  • Steve

    The old wise saying goes like this :

    “Look at the way a govt treats its prisoners – this us how it would treat the rest if us if it could get away with it”.

    Caveat Emptor

  • SnakePlissken

    But we live in ‘Murika where our gubmint is made up of a bunch of swell guys who only want the best for everyone.