Remember When Obama Ordered The U.S. To Share Intel With Cuba’s Dictatorship? We Do.

Alberto de la Cruz, Babalú Blog

Apparently, it is all the rage now (in both senses of the word) among those on the left to be outraged over a U.S. president sharing intelligence with an enemy of the U.S. But do any of these sudden patriots on the left remember when just this past October, President Obama ordered U.S. intelligence agencies to share sensitive intelligence information with a sworn enemy of the U.S., Cuba’s Castro dictatorship? Well, in case they forgot, here is a refresher course: HEREHERE, and HERE.

The truth of the matter is that those now protesting the loudest about Trump’s alleged divulging of classified U.S. intelligence to the Russians were completely silent when Obama signed an order forcing the U.S. to share sensitive and classified intelligence with the Castro regime. Not only did they not complain, they actually celebrated. It would appear that just a short few months ago, sharing intelligence with an ally of Iran, North Korea, and a State Sponsor of Terror was perfectly acceptable to them.

The point here is not to minimize or excuse any possible wrongdoing on the part of the current occupant of the White House. Questions should and must be asked about what, if anything was revealed. However, if you were silent when Obama sold out the U.S. and put American lives in danger just eight months ago, you basically lost your right to lecture anyone about a U.S. president sharing intelligence with an enemy of the U.S.

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