Kansas Special Election Portends Dark Days For GOP

David Leach, The Strident Conservative

After every presidential election, there are often a host of special elections across the country to fill vacancies created when a member of Congress accepts an appointment by the new president to serve in the new administration. Typically, these vacancies are filled by a member of the same party as the president.

Under normal circumstances, this is a fairly routine process for the party of the occupant in the White House, but in the age of Donald Trump, there’s no such thing as normal.

In the first of four special elections scheduled to take place this year, the seat previously held by Rep. Mike Pompeo in the Fourth Congressional District of Kansas was barely retained for the GOP by conservative Ron Estes on Tuesday. Despite this win, this election portends rough days ahead for Republicans and Conservatives.

While the media tries to spin this victory into a loss, establishment Republicans—or Trumplicans if you prefer—are using the outcome as a way to blame conservatives for the inability of the GOP establishment to get things done in Washington. In reality, it is an indication of Trump’s weakness as the leader of the Republican party and how he could cost the party its majority in 2018.

This election took place during Trump’s first 100 days—typically called the honeymoon period—in a district where he beat Hillary by 26 points. In addition:

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