Sanders Says He Didn’t Know It Was A Crime To Be A Millionaire [Watch]

Madison Dibble, Independent Journal Review

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) found himself in a strange predicament after he revealed he was a millionaire amid questions about his unreleased tax returns.

Because President Donald Trump chose not to release his tax returns during his 2016 presidential bid, many Democrats demanded the tax returns of all the 2020 presidential hopefuls, including Sanders who has yet to release his returns.

One reason he may have delayed his tax return release is that he is now a millionaire. As a self-described democratic socialist, this puts him in an awkward position because he has been a longtime critic of the wealthiest Americans.

Although it isn’t yet clear how many millions Sanders has, even a flat $1 million would put him well above the threshold of the wealthiest one percent — which includes any family earning over $421,926.

This juxtaposition forced Sanders to defend his wealth, most of which he claims came from his book sales. During a campaign speech in Gary, Indiana, Sanders tried to joke that he “didn’t know that it was a crime” to make millions.


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