Revelations In The Deep State’s War Against Trump Are Becoming Too Big For Them To Hide

Elizabeth Vaughn, RedState

The abuse of power by officials at the top levels of the Department of Justice, including Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch, became clearer than ever due to Rep. Doug Collins’ (R-GA) release of transcripts from the 2018 Bruce Ohr and Lisa Page hearings in the last week. Their testimonies both corroborated many of Devin Nunes’ previous findings and provided new information.

In addition, Fox News obtained a copy of an internal FBI chart with a written comment next to the section of the statute which most closely applied to Hillary Clinton which said: “Note: DOJ not willing to charge this.” I posted about this earlier today here.

As incriminating as this is all by itself, my RedState colleague, JohnCV, brought up the excellent point that the same people who have been freaking out and accusing Trump of “obstructing justice” for asking then-FBI Director James Comey to cut then-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn some slack, don’t seem to have a problem with the DOJ asking FBI officials to cut Hillary Clinton some slack. What hypocrisy. 

The other revelations of the past week include the following.

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