Left Pushes Sanctions 'Narrative' To Explain Socialist Venezuela's Misery, But Here's The Real Reason

Monica Showalter, American Thinker

It's been a couple of weeks now, but the Left has finally come together with a "narrative" to explain why socialist Venezuela is so miserable.

In a word: Gringos.  Gringo did it.

Take a look at what's coming out of the supposedly respectable mainstream magazines from the left such as The Nation and The New Republic.

There's this one, saying both sides are at fault here, and sanctions are the worst, so let's all get along now.

There's this one, claiming that sanctions themselves are the cause of Venezuela's misery and are hypocritical to boot, given the imperfections of Latin America's other leaders and democracies, a piece loaded with lies laid thick, with the writer, Mark Weisbrot, going back full force to his old Marx Brainrot persona.

There's this one, claiming that Venezuelans don't want any U.S. help.

There's also this one claiming Venezuelans wouldn't dream of changing their vile socialist government; they just love it too much — from Ken Silverstein, who's also been accused by reputable Venezuelans of links to Fusion GPS.

Can you see a "narrative" being built?  In one sense, it's how the Left is trying to deal with the embarrassment of socialist Venezuela for themselves.

But it's also false.  Are they really saying that the U.S. sanctions on Venezuela and its corrupt socialist dictatorship is the root-and-branch cause of why there's no food in the stores, the water runs black, the hospital patients are dying, the power is unreliable, the people are reduced to drinking from sewers and eating zoo animals, the hyperinflation is out of control, the criminals are proliferating, and any claims to democracy in the socialist paradise are an absolute joke?

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