Media Matters Head Wrote About 'Japs, Trannies, And Jewry,' But Tucker Carlson Needs To Be Destroyed

Matt Vespa, Townhall

Overnight, the Left besieged Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. This isn’t new. Liberals have hated him for years. They surrounded his D.C. home. They want him gone. They want him off the air. They want him fired and his career destroyed. Why? Well, he’s an ace at destroying liberal narratives. He knows his enemy. So, what did the Left do to try and assassinate his character and career? They dug through his appearances on a shock jock’s radio show some 10+ years ago, spliced his naughty words together, and then said: “look, look bad man.” 

Tucker hasn’t apologized and he shouldn’t. You never cave to these cretins—ever. They’re cancers. They’re losers. They’re straight left-wing trash. Also, who the hell cares? It’s a shock jock radio program; you’re supposed to be ridiculous. Yeah, I get it. You can’t say certain things anymore. Some people adhere to that principle. I don’t. No one should. Political correctness is cancer. It’s authoritarian. And the fact that Media Matters, a left-wing assault vehicle, is quarterbacking this whole hit job is also telling. Ignore them. Fox News is standing by Tucker. Anyone who cares about free speech should as well. Seriously, Tucker said shocking things on a…shock jock’s radio program. Oh my! Impeach! Where’s my pitchfork? No one but liberal so-called newsrooms cares. It’s about getting rid of people with whom you disagree. That’s insane, though totally in keeping with liberalism. And while Media Matters goes nuts over what Tucker said…over 10 years ago on a program that’s no longer on Sirius radio, the head of Media Matters also said some salty things, trashing “trannies, Japs, and Jewry.” The Daily Caller has more after doing the Lord’s work here:

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