'Socialism Is The Largest Threat Facing The Future Of Our Country' (VIDEO)

Jon Street, CampusReform

  • Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips joined Fox & Friends on Friday to discuss his latest video.
  • Phillips said that what Venezuelan socialism victims told him is that socialism is the "greatest threat" to America.

Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips joined Fox & Friends Friday to discuss his latest video in which Venezuelan socialism victims warned Americans: Be careful what you wish for.

“You do not ever want anything close to socialism." "People are eating from trash cans in the streets." "It's a gradual process. Little by little, power is taken away from the people." Those were just a few of the comments from protesters at the Washington, D.C. event. 

Phillips reacted on Friday to what he heard, saying it was "powerful" to hear what millions of Americans already know. 

 "Socialism is the largest threat facing the future of our country," Phillips said. "And the sad thing is, it's coming from people within our borders. These are people that are pushing socialism and I think a lot of it starts because they don't understand the history of what it's done, how many people it's brought into poverty and death and hopefully the message from these Venezuelans can change that."

But not all Americans believe that socialism poses a real threat to the United States. In fact, as Phillips noted, many college professors are actually in favor of socialism over Capitalism, noting that, just recently, a college in California hosted an event praising the murderous, socialist Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro.

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