OPINION The Front Lines Of America’s ‘Uncivil War’ - A Trip To My Local Jewelry Store

Myra Kahn Adams, Townhall

Next to my dry cleaner in a small strip shopping center is a little family-owned jewelry store that I occasionally patronize to replace a watch battery or repair broken chains. The merchandise is lovely, and there is nothing unusual about this neighborhood store except that prominently displayed behind the counter is a Trump/Pence bumper sticker.

The owner’s decision to reveal their political preference would not be worth discussing if the store were situated in a red state, in a red county — but it’s the polar opposite.

The store is located in Florida, the nation’s largest battleground state, in the second largest county where there are only 249,997 registered Republican voters compared to 587,015 registered Democrats. The county’s Supervisor of Elections website lists 325,391 NPA’s (non-party affiliated) which means that out of 1,169,453 registered voters — only 21 percent are registered Republicans.

Thus, it’s no surprise that in 2016, Hillary Clinton won the county with 66 percent of the vote compared to 31 percent for Donald Trump.

Despite Trump’s trouncing in the county, he still won Florida by 1.2 percent adding 29 electoral votes that were pivotal to his 306 total. But, from the metric of Republican voter registration, my local jewelry store sits in extremely hostile political territory.

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