Mean Girls And Stupid Bureaucrats. What Could Go Wrong?

Monica Showalter, American Thinker

Do the Seneca Valley School District's abundant educational bureaucrats know anything at all about teenage girls?

A parent lawsuit put at them, which they are very likely to lose, is about to show just how incompetent and malevolent they really are as they allowed a pack of teenage "mean girls" to accuse, toss into the court system, and detain a teenage boy that the big one among them "didn't like to look at."

Here is what the parents say happened to him:

The 26-page lawsuit alleges that a former Seneca Valley High School student, referred to only as T.F., "was forced to endure multiple court appearances, detention in a juvenile facility, detention at home, the loss of his liberty and other damages until several of the girls reluctantly admitted that their accusations were false."

Here are the awful details of how it happened, according to the Belleville Intelligencer:

Michael J. and Alecia Flood of Zelienople brought the suit on behalf of their son, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review is reporting.

The suit alleges that the five girls – called "Mean Girls" in the suit after the 2004 Lindsay Lohan comedy – "conspired in person and via electronic communication devices to falsely accuse T.F. of sexual assault on two occasions."

The description of what went down and how fake it was is oh, so recognizable as teenage "mean girl" behavior:

But in a tape-recorded interview with school officials in 2017, the suit claims K.S. [said] the sex assault was fabricated.

"I just don't like him," K.S. told officials.  "I just don't like to hear him talk. ... I don't like to look at him."

The interview was obtained by the boy's lawyer, Craig Fishman.  Other highlights:

— Told pals she "would do anything to get T.F. expelled."

— He was eventually charged in juvie court with indecent assault and two counts of harassment.

— In March, another girl known as C.S. told a guidance counsellor T.F. had walked into her home [and] sexually assaulted her.  Allegations were supported by two other girls.

— In April, T.F. was charged with indecent assault, criminal trespass, and simple assault.

— At school, a student put masking tape on his back with the word, "PREDATOR."

That's a lot of damage on a kid over popularity issues, and incredibly, the school did nothing even after the kid was thrown in jail and the story was found to be made up.  What's more, it failed to punish the teenage girls for the false charges once they were found out, and the district attorney went limp, too.  Nobody got punished but the innocent guy.

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