How Haley Triumphed At The U.N.

Seth Lipsky, The New York Sun

Nikki Haley’s tour as ambassador to the United Nations is going to be studied for years — and it’s not hard to understand why. She’s upstaged just about everyone who ever had anything to do with the place. 

Here’s a woman who emerged out of left . . . pardon, right . . . field to land a plum Cabinet-level position. She was mocked for having what the New York Times called “zero foreign-policy experience.”

It turns out, though, that the very thing leftist pundits thought would be her glaring weakness was her biggest strength.

As she bows out, her praises are being sung not only by the Times (“Nikki Haley Will Be Missed”) but also by The Post (“one of Trump’s shining stars”) and President Trump himself (“an incredible job”).

What a contrast to the string of ambassadors who fell on their faces in the swamp of Turtle Bay. That’s particularly true of the two envoys under President Obama.

After four years at the United Nations, Susan Rice thought she’d land the coveted spot of secretary of state — but had made enough high-profile missteps along the way to have to pull out of the race.

Samantha Power came in having risen to fame complaining about all the atrocities America tolerated. On her watch, Syria descended into the very “problem from hell” that she had defined in her supposedly landmark book. It’s hard to think of a single problem she solved — or even ameliorated.

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