Liberals Celebrate Larry Kudlow’s Heart Attack

Jim E., Political Insider

New rule: Anytime a Trump Administration official suffers from a health scare, you can bet liberals will mock the sufferer, and even wish death upon him or her.

We saw this recently when it was revealed that First Lady Melania Trump had undergone surgery on her kidney. Upon hearing the news, liberals were quick to pounce, spreading nasty rumors and even wishing for her death.

Last night, we learned that Larry Kudlow, the chief economic advisor in the White House, was hospitalized from a heart attack. President Trump, who was busy during the peace summit with North Korea leader Kim Jong-un, broke the news.

We’ve since learned that Kudlow is recovering, and is in good condition.

That’s great news. Liberals, unfortunately, aren’t taking it that way. Instead of wishing a fellow American well, they’ve instead taken to disparaging him and even wishing for more harm to come to him, and Donald Trump!

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