MGM Resorts Disputes The Revised Timeline Of Las Vegas Shooting Given By Police

Nick Arama, America News

The Las Vegas shooting investigation is turning out to have more twists than a ski run. And it’s more than a little disconcerting that the people involved seem to have different accounts of how it occurred.

The Las Vegas police initially came out with a timeline saying that a security guard at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Jesus Campos, was a hero for stopping the shooter, Stephen Paddock, during his murderous attack on the concertgoers.

But then on Monday the police completely revised their account of the events, saying that Campos was shot before Paddock ever shot at any of the concertgoers, at 9:59 pm, six minutes before Paddock started shooting at the concert. He then shot for another ten minutes uninterrupted. Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said they do not know why he then stopped shooting. Police didn’t arrive until 10:17, a full 18 minutes after Campos was originally shot.

The police said that they did not know the guard had been shot and only found out when they discovered him in the hallway.

That of course then raises several questions.

Didn’t anyone call the hotel and the police when the guard was originally shot? And then why did it take so long to respond?

But now, another twist.

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