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Americans need a health care bill that serves needs of individuals—not those of Washington and big corporations.

A health care bill that continues the failed policies of Obamacare will only give us more Obamacare-failures —higher premiums and deductibles, more bureaucratic intrusion into the private decisions of patients and doctors. Care that is less available and affordable.  

The only way to end this nightmare is to end the taxes and regulations that are destroying health care and imposing an unfair burden on millions of Americans.

The problem with health care is not and has never been “free markets”. Health care may be the nation’s most heavily regulated sector of the economy —and has been for decades!  If the technology market had the same level of regulation, Americans would have not iPhones and hundreds of other innovations that have made lives better for all.

The only way to fix health care is to introduce the same kind of consumer choice and competition you have in other markets. Put the individual consumer—the patient—in control of the health care dollar.

Congress must put aside the useless arguing over CBO forecasts about who will or will not have insurance under a new law. In a health care market with competition and choice, MORE PEOPLE WOULD BE COVERED BECAUSE HEALTH INSURANCE PREMIUMS WOULD COME WAY DOWN.

We the undersigned are calling on Congress to pass a bill that gives Americans health care freedom via the following initiatives:

  • End the Obamacare tax penalty (a.k.a the “individual mandate”) and all Obamacare taxes—buying health insurance is an individual choice and not the business of the federal government.
  • Do away with Obamacare coverage mandates that drive up the cost of insurance by requiring people buy insurance that they may not want or need.
  • No more Obamacare monopolies: Allow nationwide shopping for health insurance. Because of Obamacare’s unrealistic demands on insurers, only a handful of big companies can afford to offer insurance. One reason premiums are so high is that Obamacare’s government-run insurance “exchanges” have become virtual monopolies with little or no competition. Nationwide shopping will also create larger risk pools that will help bring down the cost of insurance.
  • Put individuals in control of the health care dollar.  Today the main buyers of health insurance are big employers.  If more individuals were buying insurance and medical care, prices would come down and service would be tailored to their needs. Encourage an individual insurance market by making health insurance deductible for individuals and not just corporations and the self-employed. Expand the use of health savings accounts with incentives that encourage individuals to directly pay for routine expenses.
  • Mandate that hospitals and doctors post prices so there can be comparative shopping for medical care.

Sign if you do not want Charlie Gard healthcare to become the norm in this country!

This petition will be delivered to
—President Donald Trump,
—Senator Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader
—Rep. Paul Ryan, Speaker, House of Representatives
—Senator Orrin Hatch, Chairman, Senate Finance Committee


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