Mustafa Akyol On The Muslim Case For Liberty

Author and journalist Mustafa Akyol talks about his efforts to build a bridge between Islam and classical liberalism.  He explains that Islam and liberal values are more compatible than many believe, and that today's violent radicalism is as much a threat to the world's Muslims as it is to the West.

Akyol was among the speakers at the 2017 International Students For Liberty Conference In Washington, D.C.

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Voices From The 2017 International Students For Liberty Conference

In Search Of History

Cambodia's Deadly Experiment

In the 1950s, students started gathering in Paris. They were reading Karl Marx. They were forming book clubs. They were trying to come up with a better version of society. One that moved away from the division of labor. One that moved away from the capitalism in the big cities that they so despised. ... One of those students would change his name to Pol Pot. He and his colleagues formed a new political party, a takeover in Cambodia. They called themsevles the Khmer Rouge. ... Under Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, one out of four people in that country died in less than four years. 

-- Matt Kibbe,

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