How Logic and Critical Thinking Made Me Conservative

Doug Bell , Quora

I grew up in a completely liberal environment. My father was a liberal dean at a liberal college in the 1960s. We lived in on-campus housing. My mother is left of my father politically. I am the oldest of three children. My sister who is 15 months younger than me is somewhat of a social justice warrior, and my “oops” sister ten years my junior is politically left of everyone else in the family. Most of my parents’ friends were liberal while I was growing up. The liberal viewpoint was all I knew growing up.

I never fit in. There was too much illogic.

For starters, I could never reconcile why people that worked hard and were successful were vilified yet the homeless that didn't even try to work were worthy of my parents’ money. I wanted to be successful someday and I was a hard worker. It seemed like the better you did, the worse you were regarded, and the worse you did the more worthy of attention—even when doing worse was a choice.

Then there was this idea that the government should take care of people. But the more the government took care of people, the worse they did. People who took care of themselves were better off, so why would you want to be dependent on the government? People living in housing projects and on welfare were a mess. The entire message was wrong. The poor people from ghettos that worked their way out of the ghetto were much happier and more successful than the people living off government largess.

When I went off to college, I saw programs like affirmative action messing up more people's lives. Minorities that got in on merit were constantly having to overcome the assumption that they got in on the color of their skin. Minorities that got in based on the color of their skin largely failed in school because they couldn't keep up. It was insane, and that's before considering the people that deserved to be there on merit who were displaced by the failing students who weren't deserving.

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