New Overtime Regulations Will Be Terrible For My Employees

Linda Fullman, Longview News-Journal

As an employer, my success hinges on the success of my employees. Therefore, I have created an environment where many of my employees receive a monthly incentive based on their individual contributions and the profitability of the company. This creates a work environment where, when one succeeds all succeed. We are partners in the company's productivity and everyone is pulling the cart in the same direction.

Unfortunately, the Department of Labor sees this as an attempt on my part to subvert overtime, failing to recognize I am simply rewarding their efficiency and teamwork.

With the salary threshold doubling to $47,476 I am being forced to migrate many employees from salary plus commission to hourly and limit their earning potential as well as flexibility with work schedule. It also limits my ability to provide job enrichment programs and extra training outside of the normal work schedule without significantly impacting my operational costs. This is absolutely counter-productive. If the real objective was to actually increase wages and improve worker environments they have failed to bring appropriate stakeholders to the table to ensure their actions achieve the desired result.

Once again, the federal government is intervening into the relationship between employers and employees. This might sound good to a Washington bureaucrat but it doesn't work in the marketplace. If the goal is to find a way to put more money into the pockets of workers, perhaps the government should consider the concept of cutting wasteful federal spending and reducing taxes. Unfortunately, it is easier to constantly reach into the pocketbooks of businesses and workers rather than make any attempt to thin their bloated federal agencies. The Obama administration's approach, in the end, will hurt employees, diminish workplace productivity and create yet more compliance costs.

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