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First Person

The Plight of a Black Conservative College Student

"Josh" via The BlackSphere

By my senior year I was fed up with myself. I preached about how we should not generalize and label, and yet I was a repeat offender of that. The reason I got away with it was because I was going with the status quo and saying what everyone wanted to hear. I even participated in an article that basically called my high school (a place that I love) an institutionally racist place. I said these things while my three closest friends are white. I said these things while I had great teachers who were the furthest thing from racist and treated me with nothing but respect. I said I was liberal, when at home I was secretly a huge admirer of the work of Ben Shapiro and Thomas Sowell.

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The Reality of Socialism

“Socialism has no theory of wealth creation; it's just a destructive, envy-driven fantasy about redistributing it after something else (and somebody else) creates it first.” 

-- Lawrence Reed,

In Search Of History

Capitalism: The Engine Of Human Progress

It took six thousand years from the invention of the wheel until we developed the two-wheeled cart. … From the time of Moses to Wyatt Earp we moved from two-wheeled carts to four-wheeled carts — buckboards and stagecoaches. Yet Wyatt Earp, who is an adult when he participates in the gunfight at the OK Corral, sees the movement from four-wheeled carts to the Model T. My grandparents were born before man had ever seen powered flight, yet lived to see a time when you could buy a trip into space. The rapid increase in innovation and the wealth of the masses occurred because the West gradually developed the economic system of market capitalism and a compatible political system.

-- Gary Wolfram,


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