The Conversation Fri 12. 09. 2016.

Denzel Washington Defies Mainstream Media, Says They’re Pushing Nothing But ‘BS’
Kim Smith, Conservative Tribune

Did Time Magazine Leave Hidden Messages In Trump's Person Of The Year Cover?
Jeva Lange, The Week

Obama Sent Top Official To Castro’s Funeral, But Not Thatcher’s. Why It Sends The Wrong Message.
Jarrett Stepman, Daily Signal

Ditching Electoral College Would Allow California To Impose Imperial Rule On A Colonial America
Michael Barone, Rasmussen Reports

The Constitutionalism Of Crony Capitalism
Greg Weiner, Library of Law and Liberty

Tim Allen Blasts ‘Microaggressions’ In New ‘Last Man Standing’ Episode — And It’s Delightful [Watch]
Dave Urbanski, The Blaze

Dakota Access Pipeline Opponents Threaten And ‘Dox’ Local Cops And Their Families [Watch]
Jillian Kay Melchior, Heat Street

They’ve Gone Insane
Ben Stein, American Spectator

What The Dakota Access Pipeline Is Really About
Kevin Cramer, Wall Street Journal

Devious Plot Grows To 'Shut Down' Trump's Inauguration
Chelsea Schilling, World Net Daily

Why I Don’t Want A ‘Strong Leader’
John Stossel, Town Hall

The Future Of The 14 Free Trade Agreements America Has Under Trump
Richie Santosdiaz, Forbes Opinion

Reshoring: The Trend That Can Make American Manufacturing Great Again
Steve Malanga, City Journal

We Do Not Have A Trade Deficit
Kevin D. Williamson, National Review

Valerie Jarrett: Trump Win ‘Soul Crushing’ For Obama White House [Watch]
Kyle Olson, American Mirror

The Most Potent Federal Regulatory Agency Will Answer Solely To Donald Trump
Eric Boehm, Reason

Who Was Right About Trump?
Jonathan S. Tobin, Commentary

Trump As Lady Gaga [Watch]
Daniel Henninger, The Wall Street Journal

FMC Barometers

Numbers as of last Friday close.

Why are these numbers important?

Shadow Stats Snapshot

ShadowStats alternate economic indicators are based on the methodology of noted economist John Williams, specialist in government economic reporting.

  • Unemployment:
    BLS: 4.6%
    Shadow Stats: 22.8%
  • Inflation:
    November Year-to-Year: 1.6% (CPI-U*)
    Shadow Stats: 9.3%

*[cpi-u is the Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation rate for all urban consumers]


The Alternative To Free Markets

The alternative to the free market is the rigged, planned, dictatorial, coercive, interventionist, authoritarian market, variously known as the planned economy, the welfare state [or] omnipotent government. 

-- Leonard Read,

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In Search Of History

Capitalism: The Engine Of Human Progress

It took six thousand years from the invention of the wheel until we developed the two-wheeled cart. … From the time of Moses to Wyatt Earp we moved from two-wheeled carts to four-wheeled carts — buckboards and stagecoaches. Yet Wyatt Earp, who is an adult when he participates in the gunfight at the OK Corral, sees the movement from four-wheeled carts to the Model T. My grandparents were born before man had ever seen powered flight, yet lived to see a time when you could buy a trip into space. The rapid increase in innovation and the wealth of the masses occurred because the West gradually developed the economic system of market capitalism and a compatible political system.

-- Gary Wolfram,